Supporting you in the path you’ve chosen.

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Reach your goals with Life Coaching Connection

Do you ever wish that your life could be different, but don't know how to set your goals, let alone reach them? Coach Lucy can help you with:

Benefits of a life coach

FREE exploratory session

Take advantage of a FREE coaching session with Coach Lucy to see how you can change your life.

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Job change

Divorce and separation

Death of a loved one

Change any aspect of your life by setting attainable goals and being held accountable.

Discover what to look for

Learn how to find a life coach that you are comfortable with and that has proven success.

Flexible scheduling

For your convenience, Coach Lucy offers flexible scheduling. Be happy! Get the life you want.

Personal ambitions

Unfulfilled goals

Some people like to see psychologists to talk through their issues.  A life coach is different. Working with you one on one, a coach will set realistic and attainable goals.  You'll be held accountable to obtain the goals you set for yourself. You'll also be held accountable by Coach Lucy for things you haven't accomplished yet. Step by step, we'll work together towards achieving your desired result whether it be a new job, a more fulfilling career, better relationships, or simply general overall happiness.

Supporting you in the path you’ve chosen.

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