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"Coaching is the art of partnering with the client.  The coach acts as a facilitator to bring out the client’s wisdom to create their own path of success.   The coaching conversation is primarily about discovery, awareness and empowerment.  Effective coaching needs the ingredients of respect, openness, compassion, empathy and a rigorous commitment to speak the truth between the coach and the client." - Lucy Ridgeway

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What is life coaching all about?

Sometimes, you need help turning the negatives in your life into positives.

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"Working with you these past six months or so has helped me so much!   When I started getting coached by you, I thought the process would be fairly straightforward; identify my goals and report back to you each week and let you know how I did, hoping that the weekly check-in would prompt me to keep on track. But I found that in our weekly sessions, certain issues in my life would be on my mind and I felt the need to talk with you about them. I didn't see you as a therapist, but as someone who listened well, was caring and whom I could trust. I soon found that by talking with you each week, I was able to uncover some of the reasons why it had been hard for me to tackle my goals up until now. I so appreciated it when you said that our coaching sessions were for whatever I needed to address in the moment. You never lost sight of my stated goals, but you allowed me to talk about whatever was "up" that week. During our discussions, your comments and questions further helped me to identify some roadblocks in my path toward attaining my goals.


"Because of your coaching, I've attained some of my goals (including regular exercise into my week). But what's most important is that I feel freed me up to work toward my goals with much more confidence now. I feel more in touch with the dreams I have for my life and am excited to make them come true. Thank you so much." - J.B., Graphic Artist  


"Working with Lucy has been enjoyable and extremely helpful in my goal to change jobs.  Through careful questioning, I have been able to reflect on my feelings and identify the intermediate steps to my goal.  As each step is taken, it has been helpful to evaluate my progress with Lucy, and then make changes if necessary.  Some of my earlier job ideas have been discarded.  By talking them through and investigating them, the jobs were not realistic to pursue for me.  We are continuing on this quest together, and I am very optimistic about the future." - M.H., Science Teacher  


"My plans of working for a few more years abruptly ended. For the first time in my life, I was faced with a lot of time to take personal inventory.   I found myself still racing, quite scattered and fearful.  I was in desperate need of structure and balance.  At a friend’s suggestion, I contacted Lucy Ridgeway, a Life Coach to assist me.


At our first communication, Lucy explained her role and expectations as a Life Coach.   Her enthusiasm was contagious.  After that first call my negative attitudes, exacerbated by my job loss, began to dissipate.   Throughout our sessions, I became more willing to step out of my comfort zone and my goals went through some revisions.  I gradually accepted my job loss as a catalyst for potential personal growth and began to strive for a balance in my life.  This did require homework, and commitment on my part but the results were liberating.  Together we set both short term and long term goals relevant to all aspects of my life.  Enabled by a new confidence, I have reached some of my goals and am motivated to continue working on others." - J.D., Nurse Case Manager


"Coaching with Lucy has been a positive, non-judgmental, guiding force in my life - Because of my marriage and divorce; I lived in a constant state of 'loss.'  She has always been on "my side," showing me a 'how can we make this situation better for you' way to deal with life.


"Through coaching, Lucy has helped me build my self-esteem and self-confidence so much that I am now unwilling to simply just accept unfair circumstances, personal or professional.  She has helped turn my life around from a negative spiral to a positive force.  The bottom line is she has truly helped me stand up for myself, get and keep my life together." - D.C., Executive Assistant  


"I highly recommend Lucy as a coach. I have found her intuition, perspectives and candid feedback very valuable. She supports you in raising the bar on performing and achieving whatever goals you set for yourself. " - M.T., Executive Coach

Customer testimonials


Supporting you in the path you’ve chosen.

Finding Lucy as a life coach is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  After my eleven year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer my world fell apart. Although he came out 100% cancer free, a new life and a

new normal awaited me. With a high level of education and what seemed to be a wonderful career, I honestly had no idea what direction to go in.  My experience combined with previous challenges in my life seemed to be a breaking point, and left me a different person.  I truly felt lost. Lucy

helped me to put life in perspective. She had me to acknowledge what was holding me back and move on from it. I was finally able to clearly see that pathway to my future, the innumerable choices that lay before me, and the

true strength and determination that I had to get me there. I could not have done this without her and now I can see the forest because the trees are no longer obscuring my view.  Thank you Lucy!


Dr. Lisa T. Williams

Family Nurse Practitioner- Nursing Educator/ Health

Partnership Board Member:  University of South Carolina College of Nursing

2010-2011 Teacher of the Year University of South Carolina College of


2011 Health Care Hero Award- Columbia Regional Business Report

2012 Palmetto Gold Recipient-  South Carolina Nurses Foundation

2013-14  Young Alumnus of the Year- University of South Carolina College .